While the festive season is often portrayed as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, it can actually be a particularly difficult time for many Britons. The combination of preparing for various celebrations, allotting a budget to purchase gifts for loved ones and battling the frigid winter temperatures can all contribute to seasonal blues. What’s […]

Every November we support our colleague Jean Keast (IT Department) in raising money for the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action. November is the month when the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action and its supporters focus on raising awareness of the disease. The charity’s flagship ‘Turn it Purple’ campaign aims to raise consciousness in a fun way by […]

While recent data from insurance experts found that nearly 50 per cent of UK drivers exceed the speed limit on any given day of the week, this certainly doesn’t mean that speeding is a smart driving practice. The Department for Transport found that exceeding the speed limit was one of the top 10 causes of […]

Apart from purchasing the cheapest petrol for your car, your driving habits play a major role in determining the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Indeed, promoting fuel-efficient driving practices can save you money, maximise your tank mileage and even help preserve the environment by reducing pollution levels. Implement these smart driving techniques to reap the […]

Autumn is well-known as the best time of the year to enjoy a bountiful harvest of seasonal produce. Between the final fruits of summer and the variety of root vegetables coming into season, there are plenty of ingredients available to help you make healthy, delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones. What’s more, purchasing […]

Top Tips to Stay Healthy and Prevent Illness Between the emergence of warm-hued leaves, cool temperatures and crisp air, it’s clear that autumn is now officially in full swing. However, that also means it won’t be long until increased sneezes, sniffles and sore throats signal the beginning of cold and flu season. Indeed, cold and […]

During a busy day at work, it’s not always easy to remember to make time for a healthy lunch. In fact, recent research found that 67 per cent of UK office employees admitted that they work through their lunch break at least once every week. And in the case of those that do use their […]

Combating crime seems to be a never ending battle and a good business will be constantly reviewing its security arrangements. This will often include changes to alarm systems however changes recommended by alarm companies may not be acceptable to Insurers and there have been a couple of instances where Insurance Companies have not accepted the […]

Use this guidance to secure the best hotel price for your next holiday. Selecting the place that will be your temporary home during your travels can have a lasting impact on the success of your holiday. Specifically, searching for the best hotel – in terms of both price and quality – can be a difficult […]

Stop Stressing or Suffer the Consequences: Tips to Avoid the Harmful Cycle of Excess Stress While most people experience some degree of stress in their daily routine, recent research revealed that too much stress can spiral into an abundance of unhealthy behaviours. And excess stress is more common than you think. Over 80 per cent […]