Pain and stress can end up causing physical, mental or emotional issues. Often this physical or emotional pain significantly impacts our health, happiness and overall quality of life. Learning how to relax can lessen the impact that this pain has on your life. The Pain Cycle Perhaps the first step to healing ourselves is learning […]

Even for someone who loves going to work every day, it’s inevitable that you will need a break. For the good of your own personal health and safety, it’s important to recognise fatigue as a serious issue. What Is Fatigue? Being fatigued is a more serious issue than simply being tired or sleepy. Fatigue stems […]

The continued spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many schools across the UK to shut down for an extended period, leaving parents like you to assist their children in completing virtual learning programmes for summer term. Nevertheless, balancing your own remote work and other household responsibilities with homeschooling your kids can be daunting task. […]

The stress of living under lockdown is playing havoc with our sleep and sleep-disturbance is a well-documented manifestation of stress.  Sleep is essential for normal, healthy function. However, millions of people suffer from chronic sleep disorders each year, and even more suffer occasional sleep problems. Types and Causes There are more than 100 different sleep […]

Every year, health organisations throughout the UK recognise May as Stroke Awareness Month. This annual campaign motivates individuals to learn how to detect the signs of a stroke, understand the potential complications that can result from experiencing a stroke and implement best practices for preventing this condition. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in particular is a […]

For many individuals across the UK, working from home is their new reality for the foreseeable future as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. For some, this arrangement is business as usual. But for others, including parents and caregivers, they now face the difficult task of balancing teleworking and caregiving responsibilities. If you’re in this situation, it […]

If you are not concerned about cost but you are concerned about the service you receive and that things get done when you need it most, then read on, this could be for you. Even more useful if you travel or base yourself in more than one country. It is not a surprise to us […]

As we’re all aware by now, to limit the spread of Coronavirus the government has issued a UK lockdown. This requires you to practice social distancing and self isolation by staying home as much as possible, limiting your physical contact with other people. While these actions can help to slow the spread of Coronavirus, they […]

Now more than ever, recognising and reducing stress is important as many people will be worried about Coronavirus. Not only the uncertainty of it all, but the knock on effects it’s having to people’s jobs, families and lifestyle. As we juggle working from home, homeschooling children and speaking to family members we cannot physically see, […]

In these unprecedented times and conditions, the majority of us are now faced with having to work from home. As we’ve suggested to our own staff, these work from home tips provides you with some key areas to help you remain engaged and stay on track with your work. Set a designated work area Choosing […]