Inflation—a general increase in the price of goods and services—is at a 30-year high. Following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, consumers were spending more across the UK and even worldwide. But with many businesses struggling to get hold of sufficient stock to sell, too many buyers were chasing too few goods, causing prices to climb. […]

Flooding can cause extensive water damage that may not only result in destruction and expensive repairs but could also lead to future problems, such as mould growth. Thus, it’s imperative for homeowners to understand how to prevent and manage flood-related risks. To protect your home and property from floods, consider the following steps: Be aware […]

Getting engaged is a life-changing event and simply ‘popping the question’ can seem daunting when there are so many things to consider. We are here to help you plan and propose like a ‘pro’ with 10 steps to a successful engagement…   Start planning It might feel difficult to plan your engagement and hard to […]

Remote work has become far more common in recent years. While these arrangements may have many benefits, they may also lead to employees succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle and developing unhealthy habits. Exercise may become an afterthought for workers who spend their entire day at home. Physical activity is a vital part of a person’s […]

Electricity is a necessary part of your home, but wires, outlets and other parts of electrical systems can be dangerous and carry considerable risk.  Sometimes we underestimate its capability of causing injury. Accidents involving electricity can lead to extensive property damage, severe injuries and even death. With that in mind, it’s imperative for homeowners to […]

The history of jewellery can be traced back to Prehistoric times and although it might be hard to believe, jewellery was first worn over 100,000 years ago. We look at how jewellery has evolved throughout the centuries… Prehistoric era During the Prehistoric era, jewellery was created using the most basic materials including sea shells and […]

Mental Health Awareness Week is 9-15 May. This annual event is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation to encourage people to focus on achieving good mental health. Each year, the event focuses on a specific topic; this year’s theme is loneliness, which affects many people and has had a huge impact on physical and mental […]

Inflation rates in the UK have reached a 30-year high and led to a drastic increase in the cost of living, causing many regular and necessary expenses to have risen substantially in recent months. For example, petrol prices rose 12.6p per litre between February and March. This represented the largest monthly increase since recordkeeping began […]

‘Every cloud has a silver lining,’ as the saying goes, and although silver is often associated with coming second, that is certainly not the case with all silver jewellery… Silver – a long history Silver has been mined for over 6,000 years and along with gold, copper, lead, and iron, was one of the first […]

As many households continue to feel the financial impact of cost-of-living increases, it’s important to research and consider all ways to save money. To make the most of your groceries and limit waste, consider the following tips: Understand dates—Some foods might bear ‘use by’ labels while others say ‘best before’. Food that has passed its […]