Surprise mum with the gift of jewels… From engraved lockets to a decorative brooch or charm bracelet, we have a few long lasting jewellery gift ideas for her this Mother’s Day. Engraved Locket Opt for a locket on a silver, platinum or gold chain for the mum in your life, either in the form of […]

The gemstone for people born in March, the first month of spring, is the colour of the sea, aquamarine, a beryl mineral most often recognised by the blue-green hues.  The colours range from pale blue to a teal, though the most favoured are a dark blue to a greenish-blue. The Ancient Greeks believed that the […]

Although England is in the midst of another lockdown due to rising rates of COVID-19, one exception that allows people to leave their homes is to get exercise. While many people have become more accustomed to working out indoors, there are some who still prefer to do so outside—even during the winter. It is important […]

Winter presents a number of seasonal challenges, one of which is driving in poor conditions. Ice, snow and sleet have adverse effects on not only the surface of the road, but also driver visibility. The importance of utilising greater safety precautions while operating a vehicle in inclement weather cannot be overstated. Reckless driving puts not […]

The importance of cyber-security goes beyond large organisations. Given the rising role of the internet in daily life—especially when considering remote work arrangements—ordinary families and individuals must also prioritise cyber-security in their own homes. While home networks may rarely have the same level of cyber-security infrastructure as commercial networks, there are still steps that can […]

The coronavirus pandemic has created many challenges for people across the UK. For many, one of the most difficult hurdles to manage has been their finances. This particular challenge may be exacerbated for those who not only have to worry about consistent income, but also must consider their debt. There are a number of ways […]

Rich, vivid purples are the central colour of amethyst, the birthstone for people born in February.  The Ancient Greeks believed that the colour of the stone, in similar appearance to the hues of grapes, protected people from inebriation.  They would carve drinking chalices from the semi-precious stone to ward off the effects of intoxication, or […]

People have celebrated St. Valentine’s Day for hundreds of years.  Traditionally, it was to celebrate marriage, but it’s also a time to create and to share memories, connect with friends and reflect on the end of winter.  Whether you are celebrating with someone special or indulging in time with yourself, there are several ways to […]

Flowers, chocolates and jewellery are popular gifts to buy and give during February, for loved ones and Valentines, and are easily recognisable symbols of affection. For that unique thought behind that gift for your certain someone, or to treat yourself, why not try one of these approaches to traditional gift buying? Jewellery Choose the birthstone […]

Whether you are a single person, living with friends or living with your partner and children, if you rent your home, you’re not alone.  Almost a third of the working age population rent their home, compared to less than 1 in 10 at the turn of the twenty-first century 1.  The average cost of rental […]