The Met Office recently issued a yellow & amber warning for the western side of the United Kingdom after discovering that Storm Ali is headed in that direction. Gale-force winds are the most common cause of damage to property in the United Kingdom. Although the majority of damage reports come from domestic dwellings, businesses also need […]

Despite what you see on the movie screen, burglars’ typical method of entry into homes is simple: they use the door. Keeping this in mind, there are several actions you can take to keep intruders away and your valuables safe. Consider the following guidelines: Be safe with your keys—Be sure that every door and window […]

While travelling on holiday can be full of adventure, fun memories and relaxation, it also carries a variety of risks and potential for disaster. Even with proper travel insurance, it is important to be aware that your plan may not cover these common scenarios: Stalled at security—Sometimes, the lengthy lines for airport security can come […]

It can be nearly impossible to fall asleep in an uncomfortable environment. With the summer’s recent record-setting heatwave, getting the recommended daily dose of shut-eye has become significantly more difficult. In fact, experts say there has been a spike in sleeplessness across the country, largely related to heat. Although the heatwave has come and gone, […]

For many, the weekend offers a much-needed break from a busy workplace routine. And, although it is important to take advantage of time spent away from the office, be sure to avoid doing so at the cost of your health. Follow these weekend wellness tips to keep your body and mind thriving throughout the working […]

There is nothing quite like the feeling of losing yourself in a story. However, some people are bigger bookworms than others. Regardless of whether or not your routine includes quiet time with a book, here are some research-backed reasons why reading is more beneficial than you think:   Bolstering your brain—Reading helps improve and maintain […]

“I lost my brother Paul to Pancreatic Cancer just over 4 years ago. Time doesn’t heal but it does allow you to gain strength to deal with your grief. I always promised Paul I would do as much as I could to raise awareness and much needed funding so that future Pancreatic Cancer patients had […]

As Brexit approaches on 29 March 2019, only seven months remain for the UK government and the EU to sign a withdrawal agreement, ratified by both the UK Parliament and European Parliament. Without a concrete agreement established under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, Brexit would result in a no-deal scenario, forcing the UK to […]

As your insurance broker we have to talk to you about the risks you don’t want to think about and what insurance you can have in place just in case the unthinkable might happen. That might mean talking to you about losing something precious like your jewellery or watch, or it might mean talking to […]

How to Take Down Jet Lag Before Take-off As your late-summer holiday plans come closer, be ready to fight jet lag and take full advantage of your travels with the following four tips: Watch what you sip—Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages on flight days, such as your morning coffee or any fizzy drinks. Also, stay away […]