The secret to a speedy and satisfactory outcome to any jewellery insurance claim following the loss or damage of an item of jewellery is a pre-existing, in-date, professional valuation. Obtaining a good quality, professional valuation at the time you take out a jewellery insurance policy or add a new item to an existing insurance policy, […]

Despite the fact that fibre is a vital nutrient within any healthy diet, recent research found that fewer than 10 per cent of adults meet the recommended goal of eating 30 grams a day. Nevertheless, dietary fibre provides a variety of important health benefits, including: Promoting proper gut functioning by preventing constipation Reducing the risk […]

Use these Top Tips to Prevent Spreading Symptoms As temperatures begin to rise, grass grows in strands of vibrant green and flowers emerge in full bloom, yet this seemingly picture-perfect season debuts alongside the arrival of hay fever symptoms. That’s right-springtime introduces increased pollen counts and warmer days, which combine to create a sickly atmosphere […]

Now that springtime is in full swing, you may be dreading the concept of sweeping, dusting or simply reorganising the cluttered areas of your home. Indeed, spring-cleaning can seem like a daunting and tedious task-however, participating in this season practice can offer more than just a tidy house. Recent research found that having a cluttered […]

On 13th March 2019, Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his Spring Statement to Parliament. Despite the uncertain impacts of Brexit, the statement featured mostly positive projections regarding the UK economy and employment rate, as well as updates on the progress that has been made since the announcement of the 2018 budget. Key Numbers […]

IMPORTANT MOTOR INSURANCE UPDATE Please read if your vehicle will be outside of the UK at any time after 11pm on 29th March 2019. We would like to highlight the possible impact of a no deal Brexit on your motor insurance policy. If the UK leaves the EU on 29th March 2019 without a Withdrawal Agreement in […]

Valentine’s Day has always brought you so much joy; It was the day you got your first diamond necklace, the day that you finally got engaged and the day you both decided to say “I do”. You’ve been planning this year’s Valentine’s Day date night and you come to realise that your diamond necklace has […]

Chilly weather conditions (wind, ice and snow) can often become the culprit for a variety of home insurance claims. Between frozen or burst pipes, boiler breakdowns and damaged roofing, it’s critical to prepare your home for the frigid season. Try these tips: Protect your pipes and gutters—Some of the most common wintertime claims result from […]

Don’t ditch those New Year’s Resolutions: use this guidance to reach your goals. Whether it be sticking to a healthy diet, boosting your fitness levels or quitting a bad habit, New Year’s resolutions are the perfect reason to alter your lifestyle for the better. However, it’s no secret that these goals are often long forgotten […]

As the days get shorter, they can begin to feel darker as well-both physically and mentally. The lacking sunlight combined with increasingly cloudy skies can result in harmful effects to your mental health, such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In fact, nearly 25 per cent of those who experience the ‘winter blues’ develop SAD, which […]