Specialist Jewellery & Watch Insurance

Jewellery & Watch Insurance from TH March provides cover for your engagement ring, wedding ring, diamond ring, watch and other types of jewellery. Simply enter your postcode and the value(s) you wish to insure and we will provide you with an instant indication of the likely premium. It’s that easy!

Over 131 years as specialists in jewellery & watch insurance

  • Appointed Insurance Brokers to all the major jewellery trade associations – we understand the needs of jewellery and watch wearers and owners!
  • Experienced, qualified, UK-based staff available to help you: we are not a call centre
  • Worldwide accidental loss, accidental Damage and theft cover for your jewellery and watches included
  • Premiums from less than £60 per year
  • No excess to pay in the event of a claim – check out our claim reviews here
  • Repair and replacement of your jewellery and watches via your own jeweller, wherever possible
  • Single or multiple items can be covered under the one policy
  • Collections of jewellery and/or watches can also be covered – Speak to one of our experienced advisors
  • Hassle-free claims process with your own dedicated claims handler
  • Pay by direct debit
  • We also offer bespoke Home Insurance depending on what is more suitable for your needs


If your favourite item of jewellery was ever lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, a valuation would help provide the details you need in order to obtain a replacement. It provides a full description of the item and how it is made up and its insurance value at the time of valuation.

It is also essential that you discuss with your valuer how you would replace the item as this affects the type of valuation produced. For example, a new item from a chain store would be based on the New Replacement Value (NRV) whereas an older or antique item’s value could be based on the Second Hand Replacement Value (SHRV) or Antique Replacement Value (ARV).

Your valuer will also confirm how often your items should be revalued as precious metals and gemstone costs fluctuate greatly and regular valuations ensure your insurance values remain correct.

Read more about valuations here

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There are many reasons to choose TH March for your personal jewellery and watch insurance!
  • Thanks to our experience in the jewellery trade, we have good working relationships with over 2,200 UK jewellers which makes the claims process much easier for you, our customers, when it comes to replacing jewellery
  • We are independent Chartered Insurance Brokers and a family-owned company based in the UK. Our offices are staffed with experienced, knowledgeable staff whose sole task is to find you the right insurance
  • The personal jewellery and watch insurance policy has been specially designed for you by TH March, and is only available through TH March.   In addition, we have access to a wide range of markets to find a product to suit you, if for any reason the separate jewellery insurance policy is not suitable for you
  • There is no excess under our jewellery and watch insurance policy (most home insurers have an excess on their policies)
  • We can help you cover just your jewellery (or watch) on its own which especially helps if you don’t need any other contents insurance, either because you live with your parents or in furnished accommodation
  • If you have to Make a Claim, you will speak to the same person throughout your claim. Our claims service is run by highly experienced staff who use a very straightforward and streamlined claims process.

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You may obtain a quotation for personal jewellery and/or watch insurance using our free online quote system.

Please note if you have an item of jewellery exceeding £15,000 or you are trying to insure a collection (2 or more items) of jewellery worth more than £30,000 then you will not be able to arrange your insurance online, but we are ready to take your call to assist you with this on 01822 668 000.  Insuring personal jewellery and watches is our specialism and we are waiting for your call from Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

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Please contact us well in advance of moving. If you move home and have not informed us of this, it means your insurer does not have details of your new address and the security so your insurance may no longer be valid. Your insurance cover is set up based on security information on your home such as door locks, alarms and safes, which is likely to change when you move home.

To tell us about your change of address please click on the ‘Need help?’ button within this Help Centre.  If you click on the ‘Ask a Question’ button and choose Moving Home as your query you will find a form you can complete which will tell our team all about your new details.

If you do not see the ‘Need help?’ button, simply click on this link to ask us a question: Need help?

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We have various methods you can use to get in touch with us:

Call us

Our personal jewellery insurance team are available on 01822 668 000 from 8.30am to 7pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. For anything else, talk to our reception team on 01822 855 555 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm excluding bank holidays.

Ask us a Question

Send us a question through our ‘Ask a Question’ form for guidance and advice regarding your personal jewellery insurance queries, your renewal and any other personal insurance needs you may have. Find the form by clicking here ‘Ask a Question’ or find the button when you see the ‘Need help?’ box appear.

Live Chat available Monday – Friday 9am to 7pm excluding Bank Holidays

We offer a “live chat” facility from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Talk to our team on live chat by clicking ‘Live Chat’ or find the button when you see the ‘Need help?’ box appear.

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At TH March we are always happy to help.  You can visit our customer help centre by clicking here, where you will find even more answers to common customer queries. You will also be able to access our live chat facility here too.

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