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March Plus Watch Valuation Documents Submission Page

    Please use the following form to submit your watch valuation to us. Should we need to discuss anything further with you following receipt of your valuation or supporting documentation, we will be in touch.

    To proceed, please confirm your valuation/receipt is:

    under 3 years oldfrom a UK or Irish Jeweller/Independent Valuer

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  • The Jeweller’s name, address, contact details, date and signature? Please note item(s) must be seen by the Jeweller at the time the valuation certificate is issued.
  • Your name/your partner’s name? (If not, please explain this in the Comments section)
  • The make, model and serial number of the watch?
  • The basis of replacement (usually how it was purchased, e.g. New Replacement Value, Second-hand)?

  • If you need to tell us more, simply let us know in the Comments box below

    Purchase Receipt


    Photo of front of watch

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    Before you submit your valuation to us, let us explain what will happen next:

  • Our team will update your policy accordingly upon receipt of your documents. Please note this may take 30 days (sometimes longer if we are waiting for additional information) before you receive a notification, however, cover on your insured item(s) will not be affected.
  • In the event of a claim occurring prior to the supply of a satisfactory valuation, you will need to support your claim with proof of ownership and evidence of value. Additional information may also be needed.
  • Once the required documentation has been received and accepted, this means that the expected replacement cost of your jewellery/watches is known, and this will help simplify the settlement of any claim.
  • If a supporting valuation for any item over £1,000 is not received by us within 30 days of the start of the insurance, the insurance on that item will cease and a pro-rata premium will be charged for the time insurance has been in place, subject to insurers retaining a minimum premium of £50 plus Insurance Premium Tax / €65 plus Irish levies