March Guard

March Guard – A simple instant cover insurance scheme for jewellers to offer their customers so that their item of jewellery is protected before they ever leave the shop!

Or call the National Service Centre on 01822 855 555.

The jeweller simply issues a certificate at point-of-sale.

The scheme offers 1 or 3 years of cover on items of jewellery and watches up to £10,000 in total. Single articles are limited to a maximum of £5,000 per item or watches up to £1,500 in value.

March Guard helps to ensure that customers can replace or repair their jewellery with you should they need to make a claim.

Key facts

  • Simple scheme with very little paperwork
  • Referring jewellers earn commission
  • You offer enhanced service to your customers
  • They come back to you for replacements and repairs

Features include:

  • Instant cover for 1 or 3 years
  • Premium is discounted for the 3-year option
  • Claims settlement is arranged via the introducing jeweller
  • Cover applies anywhere in the UK and up to 30 consecutive days abroad
  • Simple certificate with minimal exclusions
  • NO EXCESS to pay. (Typical Home Insurance has a £50 minimum excess)
  • All items insured against loss, theft or accidental damage