Engagement Rings vs Wedding Rings – What’s the Difference?


Buying an engagement ring or wedding ring is a big occasion in your life. But it can also be a stressful time! Like most things about a wedding, a lot of it is down to personal taste and budget.

Are engagement and wedding rings different?

The short answer is yes. The most obvious difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is how it looks. Engagement rings usually feature a single diamond or precious stone and are much more extravagant. Whereas wedding rings tend to be more simple and subtle.

The meaning behind the rings is a significant difference. An engagement ring is given when you propose, meaning that you intend to get married in the near future. A wedding ring symbolises the commitment to one another, and are exchanged at the wedding during your vows.

Another key difference is how the rings are bought. Engagement rings are given when you propose, so they’re often chosen in secret to keep the proposal a surprise. Friends and family members may be asked to help choose the ring so that there is more of a chance of the receiver liking the style. Although less common, some couples do go engagement ring shopping together. Wedding rings are usually chosen by the couple together, as you will both have one.

Engagement rings are usually a lot more expensive than a wedding ring. This is because they tend to feature a diamond, and have more intricate details. However, engagement rings don’t need to feature a diamond. Many more brides are wearing precious stones such as morganite or emerald.

Wedding rings tend to be more subtle than engagement rings so are therefore less expensive. Nowadays though, the brides wedding rings are starting to become more and more detailed. For example, they can be different shapes and can even be set with diamonds.

All this being said, it really does depends on your personal taste and budget. While many couples will stick with tradition, you can of course throw tradition out the window and choose something completely different. Don’t rush into a decision, you will be wearing these rings for the rest of your lives.

Once you’ve purchased your rings, protect them with insurance. Not only are engagement rings and wedding rings financially valuable, they are also extremely emotionally valuable. There’s no one size fits all for insurance, so get in touch today to discuss your needs.