Thin or Thick Engagement Rings? What Looks Best?


Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision. There are so many things to think about. Whether to have a diamond or gemstone, what cut to have, what size you’ll need…the list goes on.

But have you ever thought about the band itself?

With bands varying up to 6mm or larger, it’s definitely something to add to the list of things to consider.

Thin bands

Thin bands are extremely popular right now. They’re femine, elegant and can make your stone of choice look bigger.

Thin bands tend to be classed as anything smaller than 2mm. Most jewellers will not recommend going below 2mm due to durability. Despite this, bands measuring 1.5mm and smaller are becoming a lot more common.

If you do opt for a band thinner than 2mm, bear in mind that they’re less durable to direct impact and will suffer more from wear and tear over the years. It’s recommended to choose the metal wisely. Platinum or gold is often used, with silver being avoided due to its lack of strength.

Another benefit is that thinner bands use less metal therefore making them less expensive.

Thick bands

Thick bands can be modern, contemporary and feature more complex settings. They can be anywhere up to 6mm, but beyond that they tend to become uncomfortable.

Traditionally between 2.5-3mm, thick bands offer higher durability and are more resistant to everyday wear.

A popular design feature for thicker bands is to have stones set within the band to complement the centre stone. Thicker bands offer up more room for this as opposed to thinner bands.

Thick bands can make your centre stone look smaller, so tapering the ring as it nears the head is a way around this.

Weighing up your options

There are pros and cons to thin and thick bands. Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste and budget. There’s also the metal and stone to choose, so make sure whatever you opt for is suitable for the size of the band.

Whether you opt for a thin or thick engagement band, there’s no one size insurance either. So contact us today for a quote on protecting your engagement ring.