Valentine’s Gifts for Him


The man in your life might profess not to enjoy gifts, and remind you that love can be celebrated all year round, not just on one day.  You may just not like shopping.  However, there are a range of gifts that can be thoughtful and practical that might appeal to even the Grinch to celebrate love on St. Valentine’s Day.


Time off, time away, time together, time for him; there are many ways to spend time.  Pop a message in a card promising a range of time-favoured treats, such as time off doing the least favourite household chore, time away (perhaps at a later date), time together with his favourite show or time for him to have time to himself.


Perhaps the man in your life already has an established interest. There are a wide range of online retailers that could help with choosing a new accessory or item for that hobby, whether it’s tracking down a rare piece of music, a new piece for a treasured collection, or a new personalised gift to acknowledge the interest.


Perhaps you share food, perhaps he really doesn’t.  This Valentine’s Day surprise him, or treat yourself, to a favourite breakfast or favourite dessert.  You could create a hamper of luxury favourite goods; wicker baskets are not just for Christmas.  You could cook a favourite meal or relax with a takeaway from your favourite eatery.  We eat every day; is food the perfect practical gift?


Well, we also drink.  Whether you’re splurging on a fancy bottle of water, a favourite coffee shop drink, or something a little stronger, it’s up to you, and your partner.  Gifting a bottle on St. Valentine’s Day is a gift that you won’t have to store for long.  You could decide that it’s time for a new beverage machine in your kitchen, from a specialist coffee maker to an instant boiling water tap.  Useful, storage-free gifts; those are practically perfect in lots of ways.