Jewellery Gift Buying Guide


Are you thinking of buying jewellery as a gift this year, but not sure what to buy?

There are a few questions you can consider first which will help to narrow your shopping focus. What kind of jewellery does the person you’re buying for wear every day? What job does that person do which might affect the kind of jewellery you buy? Are you buying a classic piece of jewellery to be worn on special occasions, or a piece to be worn every day? Are you buying a ring?

A good place to start your research is to think of their preferred jewellery metal. From silver to rose gold, to yellow gold, to platinum, there are a range of colours to suit everybody. Are you thinking about an everyday necklace they could wear, perhaps a pendent of their birthstone? Would a separate bracelet or watch be considered, or could the two be combined to make one gift? Does the jewellery wearer prefer to wear earrings? Do they prefer a modest style, or a longer style? If you’re buying a ring, is this for a particular occasion, like an engagement? Or is the ring to celebrate an anniversary or special moment?

If you’re not sure of the jewellery preference of the person you’re buying for, a classic white metal – anything from silver to white gold to platinum – necklace with a blue sapphire, aquamarine, emerald, ruby or colourless gemstone could be worn for different occasions, and is the easiest jewellery item to buy without having to consider size. If the wearer has their ears pierced, a discreet compliment on a pair they’re wearing may prompt a conversation about potential metal allergies or preferences. It could also be worth reading Instagram or Facebook posts to see if any particular jewellery items or styles are shared.  Many bracelets offer a moveable setting to fit differing wrist sizes. A classic white metal would be the most flexible to wear. If you’re thinking of buying a watch, you could look for a strap that looks as stylish as a bracelet. It would be worth checking whether the wearer has several watches, or prefers one watch, which will guide you on whether the person may have more specific requirements from their timepieces.

And finally, if you’re considering the ring, you could download a ring sizer online and place one of their rings on top to find the right size, or take one of their rings to a jeweller, if it’s for a surprise occasion?